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[Editor’s Note: The following post is from Susan – yes, the very same Susan who is the new woman in my life. Although she is a baby boomer, she is new to the world of baby boomer blogging so please welcome her (and be nice!). For future posts you will know that Susan is the author because her name will appear in the author byline.  Thanks and enjoy]

Hi everybody! I’m very pleased to be a new contributor to this site. Thanks to Mark for inviting my perspectives on this journey!

Retirement!?! Really?! Mark has been contemplating this journey far longer than I. Although an avid saver, I only recently allowed myself to consider what life in retirement might look like. [Continue Reading…]

Playing the Retirement Longevity Game

All retirees and pre-retirees need to think about their life expectancy a/k/a longevity. There are at least two important reasons for this. First, one goal of your retirement plan is to limit the risk that you will outlive your money. Second, anticipated longevity is a key factor in deciding the age at which you want to claim Social Security retirement benefits.

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Simple Methods to Predict Your Retirement Income

Do you have a plan for generating retirement income? Do you have any idea how much retirement income you can expect to generate from your existing retirement investments? There are at least two fast and easy ways to make this prediction. (And forget the outdated and discredited “4% rule.”)

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Investing for Retirement

Predictable Retirement Income from Target Date Bond Funds

This past fall and winter I added some new investments to my retirement portfolio. The investments are known as target date bond exchange traded funds. Sometimes they are referred to as “target maturity” bond funds.  This type of investment is new.  The target date bond ETF category shows great promise for providing bond-like retirement income with little or no interest rate risk.

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First Quarter Net Worth Analysis

Although I have been slow posting in recent months (now being remedied), I have continued to track my net worth as I move ever closer to retirement. (I say “ever closer” despite not having selected a retirement target date.) I have also made some recent changes in my investments with others planned in the coming weeks. The objectives for these changes are to a (a) increase certainty of income in future years and (b) simplify.  I will write more about these changes next week.

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In a New York Boomer State of Mind

Susan and I are in our last day of a weekend trip to Manhattan to visit family and to be tourists in the city. I have been to New York City a number of times on business and for pleasure. However, I have never had a truly immersive experience here. I really want one.

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A Lucky Healthy Baby Boomer at 64

I’m a very fortunate 64 year old, particularly in the health department. I need to keep reminding myself of that.  Moreover, I need to express gratitude to friends, family and the world at large for making it so. Do you ever feel this way? Let’s talk about it for a minute.

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Valuing Experiences Over Things in Retirement

While I have been delivering most of the stuff I own to the dump and Goodwill, I have also been thinking about my recent travels and dance classes – alone and particularly with Susan. This has reminded me of a simple principle of sustained happiness: experiences rate higher than things.  This is not an idea that I made up.  There is lots of science to support it.  Although I am not yet retired, I suspect that the “experiences over things” equation applies as well to retirement life.

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