Securing Your Retirement Income

Retirement Planning for Baby Boomers

Can You Double Your Retirement Savings Rate?

Lots of alleged experts publish suggestions to help baby boomers crawl out of a retirement planning mess. By “mess” I am referring to a boomer taking a hard look at his or her “number” and realizing that there are probably going to be more years in retirement than there are dollars to pay for it.

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Personal Debt: Have We Forgotten 2008?

A recent Federal Reserve report contains some disturbing news about personal debt trends in the U.S.  First, total consumer debt is at its highest level since 2011. ($11.5 trillion if you like to read large numbers!) Even worse, the level of consumer debt (mortgages, car loans, student loans and credit card debt) increased by 2.1% during the last quarter of 2013.  That’s the fastest rate of increase since the third quarter of 2007. Do you remember what happened  shortly after that? I sure do, which is why I am so reluctant to trust the equity markets with my retirement money.

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Investing for Retirement

First Quarter Retirement Plan Performance Results

My daily personal finance routine continues to include net worth tracking. Call me obsessive but is there a better overall indicator of financial progress toward retirement? Not that I am aware of but I am certainly open to being educated by a reader on this. The results during the first quarter are positive but no doubt less than mediocre compared to many of you. The results are about what I anticipated.

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Can Market Crashes Be Stopped?

We are almost 5 years from the worst of the last market crash. Can we relax and catch our breath now? Is it safe for a baby boomer to once again rely on the market for a secure retirement? Is it possible to design a financial system and market economy that won’t crash? The realists don’t seem to think so. I’m one of them.

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Year End Investment Moves

In the past few weeks I have purchased more I-Bonds using cash in savings and bought more TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities) using assets inside my 401(k) account. I made these moves to (a) reduce risk and (b) increase the amount of future retirement income that is both guaranteed and inflation-protected.  I will be continuing this strategy in 2014. Today I made some more year-end changes.

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Info for Baby Boomers

Downsize and Maybe Upgrade Your Cell Phone Plan

Oversized recurring expenses are the enemy of a responsible retirement plan. (That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!) The culprits at the top of the recurring payment lists are mortgage payments and car payments. When I retire, I won’t have either, unless someone wants to offer me a loan at 0% interest.

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The Best Baby Boomer Exercise

As a baby boomer, how often have you wondered what the very best exercise is for you to do on a regular basis? The question is important because most of us don’t want to exercise – just for the sake of exercise – any more than reasonably necessary. This means selecting exercises that are effective and time efficient. So what is the best baby boomer exercise?

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Stories of Living on a Shoestring in Retirement

Most of the “retirement” stories we read these days in the mainstream media seem to fall into two categories: (1) how poorly prepared baby boomers are for retirement; or (2) success stories of those who retired with plenty. I have to acknowledge my part in this, as I pass on gloom and doom stories here regularly.

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