Simple Retirement Calculators and Spreadsheets

retirement_calculatorSpreadsheets can be useful as a simple form of retirement calculator. I have found a few that are free to use. If you are comfortable working with spreadsheets and are interested in using them as retirement planning tools, download them and try them out.  (If you are reading this in feed reader or by email, you will have to click through to the original post to download the spreadsheet files.)

Retire Early Savings Planner

< This retirement planner is an Excel spreadsheet that allows you calculate how much of a nest egg you will need for an early retirement.  It allows you to vary different factors and parameters to determine how they might affect your planned retirement date.

Market Crash Planner

This spreadsheet allows you to calculate how another calamitous drop in the markets may affect your ability to retire and stay retired.  You can assess changes in asset allocations, inflation rates, and portfolio withdrawals for your living expenses in retirement.

Retirement Safe Withdrawal Calculator

This spreadsheet calculates the lifetime survivability for a retirement portfolio and the end-point values of the portfolio at the end of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year pay out periods. You need to input your asset allocation information and retirement withdrawal rate.

IRA Calculator and Roth Analyzer Spreadsheet

Using different investment returns and rates of inflation, this spreadsheet helps determine the effects of early withdrawals from an IRA. It also provides data on transferring funds to a Roth IRA.  you can vary asset allocations based on age. The spreadsheet output assumes the following:

  • There will be no change in Federal tax rates over a 70 year look-forward period.
  • Living expenses and tax payments are withdrawn from taxable accounts first, then from a traditional IRA second, and finally from a Roth IRA last.
  • That you will not withdraw money from an IRA that would be subject to the 10% penalty tax on early withdrawals.

The spreadsheet includes five charts that display financial and tax conditions over time.

I hope you find these useful.  Thanks to Retire Early for making these available to us.

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