The Search for Baby Boomer Nostalgia

This weekend I am attending my 4oth high school class reunion. A reunion experience is one of the ultimate baby boomer celebrations of nostalgia. The combination of people (classmates), place (a town with one high school), and music (from the 60’s) can draw you into the wayback machine in a hurry.

< This weekend is also significant for another piece of “remember when” nostalgia. Today is the 4oth anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 that resulted in the first human moon landing on July 20, 1969. I’m confident that this memory will be a topic of discussion among my classmates over the reunion weekend. If you want to remember it yourself right now, take a look at the Apollo moon landing and moon walk video footage that NASA has restored, some in HD quality.

We baby boomers are quickly engaging our desire for nostalgic experiences, as we realize that most of our lives have already been lived. Some of that search is very personal, including reconnecting with old friends or finding our way back through the family tree.

Attending reunions is part of that search. If you think about what happens at a reunion, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Many miles are traveled and dollars spent. Old stories are told (if remembered) and curiosity about “what happened to so and so” is satisfied. Then everyone goes their separate ways, not to be seen or discussed for another five years.

I have stayed in touch with several of my high school classmates who remain after all these years among my very closest friends in terms of emotional and spiritual connections. We strive and generally succeed in seeing each other much more regularly than at reunion time, even though we live a plane ride apart. Those visits are special to me and represent much more than a nostalgic adventure.

I have more recently found that online social media – Facebook in particular – can facilitate reconnecting with your past.

Music of course is another nostalgic destination for boomers. That’s why I have found and written about places where we can find and listen online to our free oldies music from the 60’s and 70’s.

Less popular but increasingly available to us are some of the old television programs from our younger years. If you are interested in watching some of the old TV series from our baby boomer youth, you can find many of them online at Classic TV.  It’s all free and the quality is surprisingly good. There are probably many more nostalgic programs available at other free online TV sites.

Because of the reunion trip, you probably won’t be hearing from me again until Monday. Meanwhile, take a trip over to the Carnival of Personal Finance for some more reading that you might like.

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