A Vacation as a Mini-Retirement

I have been quiet on the blogs for over a week. Since last Friday we have been hosting 30 family members (four generations) at our lake house which we bought in 2003. This has been our 7th “family at the lake” event. Each has been great fun and a blessing. is year has been no exception so I deliberately dialed back the blogging and work activities to almost zero. I could easily have made it absolute zero as an experiment in full retirement mode. But I was concerned I would enjoy it too much!

For some other reading until I return, you might be interested in my most recent posts for the On Retirement blog at U.S. News and World Report: Three Steps for Easing into Retirement and Five Attitude Adjustments Needed for Retirement Success.

I will crank things back up next week with some interesting things to report.

Thanks for reading.


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    Sounds like a great investment in a lake house. By the way your “full retirement” mode is an interesting concept. My dad retired when he was 63 (closed his doctor’s office) and couldn’t stand it. He got his A+ certification with computers since he always enjoyed computers but couldn’t find a job anywhere (they were hiring younger kids). Eventually he started volunteering at the local Marine base doing physicals. Lo and behold, his boss retired a few years later and asked my dad to take his job. He’s now back to full time as the Chief Medical Officer of the base and having a fantastic time :) I have been lurking here a bit but wanted to post since I thought you might enjoy that.

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