Retirement Plan Reality Check

You have not heard much from me this week. Yet, it has been a significant and sad week in our pre-retirement world. One of our very good friends with whom we had reconnected here at Long Branch Lakes died suddenly last Friday of a massive heart attack. David and Cindy had spent two years building their retirement dream home here and were about a month from moving in when this tragic event occurred.

David was already retired, Cindy is not. With two grown children living a plane ride away, it will be very tough on her. We will do our best to support her, including asking her to stay with us while she finishes the house and plans for her future.

The support that Cindy received from the Long Branch Lakes community was amazing. Most of the residents and employees drove the two hours to Knoxville be with Cindy and show their respects for David’s life well lived.

This is another reminder to all of us to make our plans and execute them.   At David’s funeral, the eulogy included this message from how David lived his life:  Do not live in fear.  Seize and enjoy life’s opportunities when they are presented to us.

Hug a loved one today, even if it’s a phone hug.

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