Reasons Downsizing for Retirement Makes Sense

Several weeks ago I was interviewed by a journalist who was researching a story about retirement downsizing.  She found me because I write this blog and sell a retirement planning tool at Failsafe Retirement.  I suppose that gives me some credibility because it shows that I at least think and care enough about retirement issues to research and write about them.

The interview was by telephone. It didn’t last long. Most of it was me discussing our personal downsizing experiment to a condo that is 1/3 the size of the house we raised our family in. Because there were not many questions asked, I doubted that I would be quoted in the article.

I was wrong.

The article – “When Downsizing Makes Dollars and Sense” – was published yesterday at I was surprised to see that I was quoted extensively in the article. Even better, most of it was accurate. (The article states that we built our family home in 1980. Actually, we moved to Tennessee in 1980 but our present house wasn’t built until 1992.)

Unfortunately, the article did not link to this blog. That would have been nice because it would probably have added new readers.

The article is definitely worth your time, and not because I am quoted in it. It contains advice from others that should be considered. One piece of advice is a warning against keeping a vacation home in retirement. We are on a different path because right now we are juggling three homes, with plans to sell the “big house” in the next few years.

We still have lots of stuff to get rid of – that is a slow process but we are taking our time to reduce the shock value of downsizing.

Here is the link to the CNBC article:  Downsizing Makes Dollars and Sense.


  1. Weston says


    While it obviously isn’t as effective as a link in the article yourself, can you post a link in the comment section for readers who might want more info?

    Might get you a few extra subscribers/readers.

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