Free Online Reading and Learning Resources for Baby Boomers

It occurred to me after my most recent post that I should have provided some links to the resources that I use to access free online reading and learning materials. I will do that – very quickly – now.

First, you need a library card. Your library may have its own system of lending e-books for you to read. More likely, your library will be a member of an e-book lending consortium. This greatly expands the number of e-books that will be available. These are not just public domain books.

You will probably need to install some application software on your PC, Mac or tablet to access the online library materials. You can try the OverDrive site and see if a nearby library is listed. ┬áIf so, install the OverDrive Media Console application and start borrowing e-books. You will find that many of the more popular books have waiting lists. In that case, put a hold on the book. When it becomes available, you will receive an email giving you 48 hours to download the book. In most cases, you will have the option of downloading a PDF file or Kindle version of the book. I like using the Kindle app on my iPad. One big advantage of e-reader apps is the ability to enlarge the text – no reading glasses needed!

To find free online college courses, a good place to start is at Open Culture. If you are interested in the Philosophy of Death course from Yale that I am now taking, here is the link. You can watch the lectures, download audio versions of the lectures, or download transcripts.

Take some time for yourself. Keep your brain energized. Enjoy the reading and learning.


  1. Karen says

    Wow! Thanks for recommending this course. It seems amazing. I’ve known for a while about these online courses, but the volume is overwhelming, and it’s been too hard to choose.

    I bought a Kindle shortly after being diagnosed with macular degeneration, and since then I’ve been reading at least three books/week.

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