Have You Seen a Good Movie About Retirement?

I ask the question about movies because I have seen a fabulous movie about retirement – twice. The movie is The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The title of the movie is somewhat deceiving. You wouldn’t know from the title that this movie is perfect entertainment (with a message to boot) for boomers who are concerned that they will not be happy or content when they retire.

The movie is about a handful of newly retired English citizens from different personal and economic circumstances. They are enticed by an advertisement from “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” located in India, promising an idyllic retirement at an amazingly low cost. This group travels there together, become friends (mostly) and then begin to adapt and transform their hearts and minds.

The acting is fabulous. The story is filled with humor, some drama, and messages of hope and redemption for all of us who face retirement uncertainty. Do you think you will not have enough money? If you are single, are you worried that won’t find love and companionship? Do you want to think “outside the box” for retirement? All of these issues are addressed in the movie.

We saw the movie in the theater. I later watched it on demand with my 85 year old mother. She also very much enjoyed the movie even though she recently lost her husband. I confess that I became emotional both times I watched the movie, but in a good way.

The movie is now out on DVD and iTunes, etc.

I highly recommend it. Here is the link to the film’s official website

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