Give Yourself a Longevity Test

I like Dr. Mercola’s newsletter because he regularly brings some new information to light about our health, including how to measure it. Today he introduced a simple longevity test that you can take at home in about 30 seconds. Curious? I sure was and I took the test myself. So can you.

The test is called the “sitting-rising test” (“SRT”) and is particularly adapted for middle aged and older adults. It is a basic test of your level of fitness, i.e., strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. The test was developed and administered in a study conducted by researchers in Brazil over a six year period.

In a nutshell, the objective is to sit on the floor from a standing position then rise from the seated position to a standing position, without using your hands, arms, knees, etc. 

The scoring is simple. If you can move to the seated position from standing without using any other body parts to help (and without losing your balance), you get 5 points. You get 5 more points if you can stand up again, also without the aid of other body parts.

For each helper part you need to use (e.g., one hand for balance), you subtract one point.  If you use a knee and a hand to get up, you lose 2 points.

Here is what is interesting from the study:

For each unit increase in SRT score, participants gained a 21 percent improvement in survival. Specifically:

  • Those who scored 0-3 were 6.5 times more likely to die during the study than those who scored 8-10
  • Those who scored 3.5 to 5.5 were 3.8 times more likely to die
  • Those who scored 6 to 7.5 were 1.8 times more likely to die

That is some seriously scary correlation.

This had me worried but I took the test anyway. I scored a 9 out of 10.  I was able to sit on the floor without using knees, arms or hands (5 points) but I needed one hand to help me get up (4 points).

Now I am more determined than ever to increase the intensity of my yoga levels and continue with my weight loss program. I want to score a 10 ASAP!

If you are interested in taking the test, read the article here on Dr. Mercola’s site where he discusses the science and shares a video of the test being administered.

Good luck! If you score a 10, I want to hear about it!  If you score below an 8, it may be time to get busy.


  1. sherry says

    I scored 10 this morning! :-)
    There is a trick to get up without other body parts help: while on the floor, bend your knees make a cannon ball, rock on your back a bit, use the motion to stand up. Not sure if this counts as cheating…

    BTW, I’m 58 turning 59 this year.

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