Weight Loss Progress

Not trying to boast here – just trying to stay motivated and perhaps help kick start a reader who wants to improve their personal health platform for a better retirement. I’ve made some progress.

I lost 10 pounds in January. I am ahead of the weight loss path needed to reach my goal of 165 pounds.

My goal for daily calorie intake is 1500 calories. I have achieved that goal so far. Only once did I go over (by 66 calories) but there were a number of days where my daily intake was under 1200 calories. This is easy to do if you eat a lot of bulky vegetables. Raw carrots have become my go-to snack food. When I was a kid I was weird in that I used to eat raw carrots like Bugs Bunny so this is bringing lots of memories. I am also eating a lot of Broccoli and brussel sprouts. Those “steam in bag” frozen vegetable products are quite handy for this.

I have done reasonably well with my Paleo plan. I only ate grains once – absent-minding eating of a cracker when sampling lobster spread at Costo. (You can practically eat an entire meal of Costco free samples if you go at the right time.)  I also indirectly consumed grains by drinking a few beers in January so that is also technically a Paleo cheat.

To help satisfy my occasional wheat cravings, I bought a loaf of bread made from almond flour (which is Paleo) from Whole Foods. This loaf cost $11.00 so I am eating it slowly – only two slices so far.

I ate many salads. When I eat out, those salads often include grated cheese which I ate  instead of removing it as a true Paleo eater would.

I am doing OK with my yoga, crunches and sit-up routines but my sprint interval workouts have suffered due to weather and procrastination.  I need to do better.

If I can drop ten more pounds in February – that would be awesome. We shall see.






  1. Doris says

    Mark, I sincerely congratulate you on your determination and great results of your diet. I only wish that I could lay off the carbs and cheetos myself. I had to chuckle when reading the line about Costco and the samples that seem endless. My hubby and I are relentless samplers and it’s true–you can ingest an entire meal while shopping. About the almond flour bread—seems a tad expensive but I suppose you have to fill a craving now and then. Keep up the good work and you will be in the “skinny jeans” in no time.

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