More Weight Loss Progress

I continue to progress on my weight loss plan. I lost another 9 pounds in February. (I hope these reports are more motivating than they are boring!)

This brings my total weight lost since January 2 to 18 pounds. During that period I have consumed an average of 1309 calories per day. (My target is 1500.)  I have not cheated off my Paleo eating plan at all. I think this has helped reduce my cravings. According to the Wheat Belly book, eating grains – wheat in particular – can stimulate your appetite as well as keep you addicted to the wheat. I still snack, but on almonds, apples, carrots, pickles and strawberries.

This has enabled me to work on another potential benefit: intermittent fasting.  According to some recent studies, periodic fasting can have several metabolic health benefits. For example, I have read that it can take your body 6-8 hours to use up stored glycogen before it then shifts to burning fat. If you are regularly eating and replenishing stored glycogen, it can be harder to get rid of the fat.  Therefore, I am trying to condense the time period each day during which I eat. Breakfast comes later in the morning and I stop eating earlier in the evening. This gives my body 16-18 hours each day when no food is coming in, thereby triggering daily fat burning modes. To learn more about the benefits of intermittent fasting, I recommend this very recent article from Dr. Mercola.

At my current weight I can once again fit into waist size 32 pants, which is the size I wore until around age 35. I also achieved this size a couple of years ago when I lost the 52 pounds, dropping down from barely fitting into a size 36.

I plan on losing more weight because I still have some fat around my waist. Some of this is subcutaneous fat but there is no doubt some visceral fat underneath. Visceral fat is very bad for you. Visceral fat can operate like a separate organ in your body, except that this evil organ is working against you in multiple ways.  If you want to scare yourself into trying to get rid of visceral fat, read Wheat Belly or for a brief introduction, read this article from Harvard Medical School. 

To keep me inspired about my food choices, I continue to watch food documentaries on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. The more I learn the more I distrust the industrial food complex. Over the past two months, I have not eaten eat any processed foods.  (I do eat Larabars which technically are “processed”, but I eat only those varieties that contain three simple ingredients: nuts and fruit bound together by dates.)

At the end of March, I hope to report that I have reached my final goal so that I can partially liberate myself from my calorie restriction plan.



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    Hi Mark,

    Congratulations on the progress and great job with going Paleo – FYI, I have written several articles for Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution website (I assume you are following Robb).

    One other thing I find helpful to assist in helping get the body into fat burning mode is to use coconut oil and coconut milk. The Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) in coconut fat are easily metabolized and kickstart things (Mark Sisson has written a good article on being Fat Adapted).

    All the best,


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