At the Boomer Weight Loss Finish Line

When I weighed myself this morning, I was within the range of typical fluctuation around my high school weight of 165 pounds.  This was the goal I established on January 2.  I have lost 26 pounds in three months. I have also met another goal: I can now fit comfortably in pants having a 32″ waist, the size I wore all through high school, early adulthood, and  again 18 months ago before I started all of my stress eating. (Again, not bragging here but trying to motivate others.) However, I am not stopping my weight loss plan just yet.

Over the past month, I have consumed on average approximately 1300 calories each day. This effort has become easier over time because my appetite for food has declined generally and particularly in my desire to eat wheat and other grains.  I attribute this to staying true to my Paleo eating plan, from which I have not cheated at all. OK, I do drink a glass of red wine most evenings with dinner but to most Paleo eaters, red wine is barely a cheat.   Further, consuming red wine in moderation carries its own health benefits, particularly my recent favorite Pinot Noir.

My remaining issue is that I still have what I affectionately call “blubber” around my waist – not much but enough that I can see it and grab it. It is unlikely that it will all disappear at my age because at least some of it is loose skin caused by too many years of transporting too much fat around my middle.  I want to be  certain, though, that if any of my residual blubber is actual fat, I do my best to get rid of it. So I will stay on my eating plan a little longer to see what happens.  At the point where I lose weight but not blubber, I will change my eating goal from “weight loss” to “weight maintenance.”

I will continue to eat Paleo because each time I have stayed true to the Paleo plan, my overall health seems to improve.

Last month I found a new favorite online resource for tracking eating and weight loss progress. The site is I started using it on March 13 and continued to use FitDay in parallel to compare. These are the reasons I now prefer Lose It.

  • Lose It has apps for both android and iOs whereas FitDay has never developed an android app.
  • The Lose It user interface is more user friendly with fewer ads and easier presentation of your daily calorie consumption vs. goal.
  • Lose It instantly updates your daily calorie limit based on any exercises you engage in that day.
  • Although not particularly relevant to me because I rarely eat out, Lose It appears to have more restaurant menu foods in its database.

Fit Day has one advantage over Lose It in that it gives you more portioning options for its basic foods.

Anyway, if and when you decide to try what I have done, I suggest you look first to Lose It to set up and track your goal.

Another step I believe I will take: I will stop one morning at Walgreens and have them draw blood and run a complete lipid profile. For several years I took statins for cholesterol control but I stopped. I had read too many negative things about the long term risks associated with taking statins. Some experts now believe that anti-inflammatory action is what provides the real health benefit from statins. If that is the case, I would rather eliminate the inflammation through optimal nutrition than take a drug to fight inflammation caused by poor nutrition.  I am not sure what the lipid profile will tell me but I am curious about the data anyway.

You can probably tell that my distrust of “big food” and “big pharma” continues to grow. The food industry is a significant player in our nationwide epidemics of obesity and diabetes while big pharma profits from selling us fat control and diabetes drugs.

The most expensive part of my weight loss plan is that I have to buy some new clothes. I have a second goal for these new clothes: single carry-on bag traveling. I will write more about that later.

Your thoughts?


  1. says

    Wow..great results!

    I had similar results to you with the Paleo diet/lifestyle. I also had blood work down and my results improved on Paleo. I know many others that have had real success following Paleo and I think it is on the verge of becoming mainstream.

  2. SparkyL says

    What about exercise? You make no mention of it. It will enhance your weight loss efforts as well as an improved lipid profile.

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