How Much Trouble Can Six 62 Year Old Guys Get Into?

I am blessed to have high school friends who like to gather together on occasions that aren’t reunions. I am even more blessed that they are willing to include me in the gatherings. So how much trouble can we get into?

This Memorial Day weekend I am meeting up with five other guys from my high school class of  ’69 (Boom! Don’t you wish you could say you were in the Class of ’69?)

We are meeting in Atlantic City for three four days and three nights of  …. craziness? Actually, we have a few things sort of planned. Frankie Valli and Chicago are both playing concerts that weekend plus Dana Carvey and other SNL comedians are in town. So, assuming that we can stay awake long enough, we should have plenty to do.

It doesn’t matter a whole lot what we have planned. Getting together as long time friends is what I enjoy. The older we get, the more we seem to have to talk about. Some of us have undergone (or are currently experiencing) life transitions, positive and negative. We can also talk about retirement because one of us is already there (not me) but all of us are surely thinking about it.  I learn a lot from what each of these guys has to say about their lives. High school reunions are fun but these more frequent mini-reunions are …. shall I say invigorating and rejuvenating?

We were able to rent a large apartment for the weekend so that all of us will be sharing the same living quarters. Could this be a scaled down version of the movie Old School?  Probably not as none of us could effectively play Will Ferrell’s role of Frank the Tank. However, one of my friends made it clear that he would come only if we agreed that “what happens in AC, stays in AC.”  Fair enough, Kevin.

I have been to Las Vegas many times but I have never stayed in Atlantic City. I hear it is now the town that Trump built. Whatever. Our gathering will the star that weekend, at least in our own minds.

I suppose the reason I am sharing this information is to encourage everyone to reach out to those special people who are separated from you by time and distance. Make something happen. Then share it here to inspire others.

I expect to have interesting things to write about after that weekend, some of which may be safe to share here. So stay tuned!


  1. Mike Cleary says

    I am also a class of 69’er. Probably everyone thinks they are the transitional year. I think we were. I’m in the middle of seven kids, the middle of three boys and the middle of four sisters. The older ones didn’t know pot or the Beatles. The younger ones did. The older ones didn’t wear jeans. In ’69 we tried in high school. No way. We got sent home for haircuts too. Things changed from the older’s spinning 45’s to the younger’s albums. A lot changed in ’69 but I think all of my brothers and sisters had different worlds to grow up in. Things were happening fast.

  2. Doris says

    I am not a class of ’69, but a class of ’65! I was sixteen when I graduated and was the youngest in my class as I had been skipped a year in grammar school. I just want to wish you a blast of a weekend and do go to see Frankie Valli. His show is the bomb –he has been in Charlotte NC twice now and he sounds amazing! You will totally enjoy him. Have fun and remember not to drink too much—hangovers are no fun at our tender ages!

  3. says

    When in college (Nebraska ’68)lived in “Animal House” — a co-op at the bottom of the social/food chain, but great fun. About 20 years ago we started holding “reunions” every few years, which we now hold annually. What a great time! Those friendships mean more to me every year, and I now realize what a great influence those old friends were and still are. The only real problem is that the parties now end in the evening about the time they used to begin.

  4. Scott says

    69er here, I totally agree! Live the day, Don’t buy green bananas and have to wait till they ripen. Say that “Hi – Hey- Howdy” Today. No regrets, this is not a dress rehersal.Live. yes really LIVE and look at the world through the eyes of a 5 1/2 year old to enjoy every little thing around you. Including the friends from school… dont’ act your age. Sneak into a movie in A.C. while you are there.


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