Is there a Cholesterol Cover-Up?

I’ll bet there are tens of millions of baby boomers who take medication – e.g., statins – to control serum cholesterol levels. For several years I was one of them. Now I wonder if statins are the wrong solution for the wrong problem.

Clearly, the drug companies and food industry jumped on the “control your cholesterol” bandwagon many years ago. Now, it appears, neither big food nor big pharma wants the wagon to stop rolling. Billions of revenues and profits are at stake, fed by equally staggering amounts of direct to consumer advertising.

But to what end?

Now some scientists believe that for most of us, statins are unhealthy and that conventional cholesterol management strategies are incorrect and counterproductive.

If you are worried about your cholesterol but have become somewhat skeptical of how health care is managed in the U.S., I recommend you watch a newly released documentary called “Statin Nation.” For a week or so, the documentary can be streamed online, for free. I watched it this past weekend. It made me feel much better about my decision to stop taking statins and to manage my nutritional and cardiovascular health with exercise and proper eating, not medication.

Here is the link to the Statin Nation documentary.

Before or after you watch the video, I recommend you read this cholesterol cover-up commentary by Dr. Mercola.


  1. S honey says

    Just one more marketing item for the Government to approve that may be only for the sources to keep their huge net profits at the price of citizens expense. Time for integrity to raise noble heads for selflessness.

  2. says

    If the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease is not causal, why are patients being given statins in the first place? I don’t understand that.

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