Act Fast for Two Free Retirement eBooks

I am a devoted e-book reader, primarily via Kindle edition of books I can download from Amazon or an online library using the Kindle reader app. I look for sales and bargains in reading categories of interest to me.

Today I learned about two free e-books that you might be interested in, both published by other personal finance bloggers and available from Amazon FOR FREE until Wednesday.

The first is Can I Retire?,  authored by Mike Piper of the Oblivious Investor.  Mike is very knowledgeable and a good writer so grabbing his book is a good idea for any baby boomer. Mike’s book is updated for 2013 from an earlier edition. I read the first edition and enjoyed it.  Haven’t we all started thinking about the “can I retire” question?

The second free book is from Darrow Kirkpatrick, an early retiree (age 50) who writes at Can I Retire Yet?  Darrow’s free book is “Retiring Sooner: How to Accelerate Your Financial Independence.”  Anyone who can pull off an early retirement has to have something valuable to share with the rest of us.

By the way, you do not need to own a Kindle device to download and read these books. Free Kindle reader apps are available for Apple and Android devices and also in a browser version for PCs and Macs.

If you like the idea of free and bargain e-books, I recommend that you subscribe to Book  Bub’s free newsletter.  Book Bub will send you daily alerts about free or inexpensive books from Amazon, Google, and Barnes and Noble, using criteria that you specify. I’ve downloaded over 20 free books via alerts from Book Bub in the past few months.








  1. Beth M. says

    Thanks for the tip on Book Bub. Can’t wait to get started with it!

    Also, for a future blog, if you have an opinion/data about a couple retiring when one spouse will live much longer than the other, that would be helpful to me. Thanks again.

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