Another Productive Downsizing Week

I’ve been busy this week getting rid of stuff, again. Early in the week I found a local non-profit that was willing to pick up some large pieces of furniture that I didn’t use: a sofa bed, chest of drawers, television, sectional sofa, and coffee table. Wow – did this open up some space in my house and my life!

Saturday I took a load of household items to Goodwill then posted some larger or more expensive items for sale on Craigslist. Yesterday, I had buyers for most of the Craigslist items, including luggage, baby monitor, sewing machine, and a jacket. This opened up even more room and put several hundred dollars in my pocket.

I still have lots more to sell or giveaway. It’s just amazing how much we accumulate in our consumer culture.

I make a point these days not to spend an entire day or weekend just working. I need balance and I plan for it. So, I rewarded myself this week by taking my son and daughter and law to dinner for their anniversary and by going to see two movies – one on Friday (“The Chef” – an easygoing indie comedy with a message that’s worth your time) and one yesterday (“Godzilla” – just OK in my opinion).

I’ve made some big travel plans also. More about that soon.


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