My name is Mark Patterson.  I started this Go To Retirement blog to talk about my goals (financial and otherwise) toward financial independence and contentment.  Others might shorten this to “a nice retirement.”  I think that maybe “retirement” is too limiting in its meaning.  I am not sure if or when I might quit working altogether.  My objective is to reach a point where I can choose not to work at all (or not for money) and still live comfortably.

I am a baby boomer, still working full time and now blogging part-time. I am a widower with three sons and a dog.

I grew up the second oldest of five children, in a middle class family.  Because my father (still alive and well) worked for large corporations, we moved a lot.  In fact, I was the only one of the five siblings to attend the same high school all four years.  I was born in Ohio and have lived in Virginia (twice), Illinois, New York (twice), Wisconsin, California, Florida (twice), and Tennessee.   My mother (also still alive and well) was a stay at home mom and I think did a great job managing the family and household.  My four siblings are also still doing well, two thinking about retirement but not there yet.  They don’t live nearby but we see each other two or three times a year.

My first job was as an electrical engineer.  After four years of designing products, I entered law school and became a patent attorney.  I have been practicing law for 29 years.  I love technology and my work keeps me deeply involved in cutting-edge science and technology of all kinds.

For our 25th anniversary gift to each other, my wife and I took the plunge and bought a lake house or what we call a pre-retirement vacation home.  We love spending time there by ourselves (accompanied by our two black labs).  Luckily, our sons and extended family enjoy spending time with us there as well.

Like you, our retirement accounts took a big hit in 2008.  Now I am trying to develop recovery strategies for our retirement assets which is part of what I will be writing about on this blog.

I am also thinking about retirement living strategies and options, including downsizing, relocating, active adult communities, following the kids where they might end up, and so on.  Those will also be topics of discussion on this blog.

I hope you will join in.  I need all the help I can get!

Thanks for visiting.

Mark Patterson

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