Anticipating My 45th High School Reunion

On Thursday I depart for upstate New York to attend the 45th reunion of my high school class. I have attended every reunion (at 5 year intervals) starting with the 20th year. The format this year is typical of past reunions:  Happy hour/mixer on Friday evening; picnic on Saturday afternoon; dinner/dance on Saturday night; and brunch on Sunday morning. We have all of these activities because we have a fantastic organizer.  On the other hand, for me this reunion will be different from the others.

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Movies to See This Week

I’m averaging about four trips per month to the local theaters to see a newly released movie. This past week I saw three: Jersey Boys (with a friend – he hadn’t been to a movie theater in 20 years!); Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (with my sons and daughter-in-law); and Begin Again (by myself). I liked all of them. I suspect that many of my fellow baby boomers will as well.

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The Best Baby Boomer Exercise

As a baby boomer, how often have you wondered what the very best exercise is for you to do on a regular basis? The question is important because most of us don’t want to exercise – just for the sake of exercise – any more than reasonably necessary. This means selecting exercises that are effective and time efficient. So what is the best baby boomer exercise?

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Steps to Optimize Your Final Years

If you are a baby boomer like me, you are realistically in the last third of your life.  The good news is that you are still young enough to make changes. Why make changes? To increase the probability that your final years will be good ones. I’m talking about some of the basics of a happy life: staying mobile and avoiding dementia. Lots of folks worry about running out of money when they hit that last decade. I’m more concerned about staying functional. What good is money if all of it is being spent on nursing home care?

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Changing Primary Care Physicians

I found a new primary care physician this week after an extended period of procrastination. I scheduled a visit for my first wellness exam in four years.  As far as I know now (pending completion of lab work), I am healthy. Nevertheless, at age 63, I thought it was important to find someone new to be a resource for my overall healthcare as I move deeper into my last third of life. There were several reasons why I made this change now.

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The Mixed Blessings of Canine Companionship

On Friday we had to euthanize Jester, our ten year old black lab. All pet owners out there who have been through this know how hard it was. Now I am in recovery mode. This causes me to reflect back on the impact of being a dog owner can have on the life of a baby boomer. [Read more...]