Searching for a New Online Savings Account

For several years we have used a Capitol One Direct savings account to stash money for emergencies and other irregular expenditures. We opened the account through Costco because of the 0.24% interest premium. All that is coming to an end. Capital One has acquired ING Direct and, as of June 1, 2012, has ended its relationship with Costco. The interest rate offered exclusively to Costco members is ending at the end of 2012. I do not believe that we will maintain this account after that, unless ING Direct upgrades its account offerings.

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Appliance Outlet Store Shopping Success

We are just a few weeks from closing on our condo in Long Branch Lakes. These are brand new condos and we were the first buyer. ┬áThe developer put together a standard appliance package with some upgrade selections. We did not find a refrigerator option that we liked so we asked if we could buy our own and get credit against the final purchase price. The developer was agreeable. [Read more…]

Low Cost Computing for a Baby Boomer Lifestyle

I rely heavily on personal computers for work and home activities. So do you. One of my objectives over the past couple of years has been to reduce the cost of computing in the one area where cost-control is easiest: software. I have found many free software applications that work as well or better than their costly counterparts. I thought I would share with you how this baby boomer uses free software to lower the cost of using a computer for every day tasks. [Read more…]

Free Christmas Music Online

I admit it. I am generally old school when it comes to Christmas entertainment. I imagine there are lots of other baby boomers like me. We own the It’s a Wonderful Life on DVD and watch it every year. I also enjoy traditional Christmas carols when performed well. However, it’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on music that doesn’t get played often. To the rescue: Free Christmas Music Online. [Read more…]

Earn Higher Interest with a Rewards Checking Account

Internet banks have become a popular place to stash money that we don’t want to invest and may not need for everyday use. The original attraction of the online banks was that they paid higher interest rates on savings and money market accounts than we could find at traditional local brick and mortar banks. That is no longer the case. Some local and community banks now offer rewards checking accounts that pay interest at rates that are two or three times higher than an online savings account or even a typical CD rate. You just have to know where to find them. I can help. [Read more…]