The Mixed Blessings of Canine Companionship

On Friday we had to euthanize Jester, our ten year old black lab. All pet owners out there who have been through this know how hard it was. Now I am in recovery mode. This causes me to reflect back on the impact of being a dog owner can have on the life of a baby boomer. [Read more...]

Why Did I Become Emotional Watching the Walter Mitty Movie?

I just returned from seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty at the theater. I have been seeing a lot of movies over the last 6 months (1-2 per week). Most of the time I go alone, which I am becoming accustomed to. I have seen movies of all genres and enjoyed most of them. The Walter Mitty movie affected me in a strange way and I’m not sure why. Maybe you can help me?

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My New Year’s Goals

I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions. I don’t see the logic in waiting to some artificial date to take important actions that should be implemented now. However, the beginning of a new year is as good a time as any to assess progress toward existing goals and to confirm a need for any future goals. So where am I with these goals?

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Have You Seen the Last Vegas Movie?

I have been seeing movies at the theater regularly, at least once per week. I watch blockbusters (and not-so-much-blockbusters) at my local megaplex. I also became a member at a nearby “art house” theater that screens documentaries and other films that don’t receive major distribution. This theater also has a full bar and high quality snacks, which adds to the experience. Even the popcorn is healthier (I asked). I tend to go to late afternoon matinees because the tickets are half-price.

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Do You Want to Defy Your Age?

The AARP recently published a slide show that first irritated me then caused me to think more deeply about this relentless process of aging. The slide show illustrated age 70+ celebrities whom  the AARP labeled as “age defying.” All of them were women.  I would bet substantial money that most of them had invested substantial sums in plastic surgery.

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A Bucket List Experience in Alaska

I have been back from Alaska for a week and away from my blog longer than that.  The Alaskan trip was all I could hope for.

To refresh your memories, this trip was sponsored by my Dad, organized by my sister, and joined in by 32 total family members spanning four generations.  (But for a broken ankle limiting travel, another family of three would have been included.)

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Packing Light for Cruise to Alaska

I believe I wrote earlier that (a) our extended family (35 family members, 4 generations) is taking a cruise to Alaska in August and (b) my intention is to travel with a single bag – a carry-on sized backpack. Today, I did my first test pack of everything I plan on taking on the cruise. I am pleased with the result and thought I would share it with you.

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