Have You Seen a Good Movie About Retirement?

I ask the question about movies because I have seen a fabulous movie about retirement – twice. The movie is The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The title of the movie is somewhat deceiving. You wouldn’t know from the title that this movie is perfect entertainment (with a message to boot) for boomers who are concerned that they will not be happy or content when they retire.

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Rediscovering the Pleasure of Reading

I am at the lake now, sitting on the deck, listening to music and drinking a glass of sangria. This morning I kayaked and fished. Later today I will sail. In between (after I finish this post) I will read. Reading has, over the past 6 months, become one of my favorite activities. I have averaged 1-2 books each week over that period. Prior to that I had not read a book for several years. All of my reading was work-related, not for pleasure.

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Boomer and Retirement Weekly Reader – Fall Colors Edition

It’s been a long time since I rounded up some reading that might interest other baby boomers and those thinking about retirement. It’s not that I’ve stopped reading. (I read many financial planning/retirement planning and retirement living articles every day.) I’ve just overlooked sharing a lot of them with you. This week is different. The spectacular fall colors up here on the Cumberland Plateau have inspired me.

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Go To Retirement Now Available on Kindle

I’ve added this blog as a subscription offering from Amazon’s Kindle Store. Amazon sets the price and then sends me a percentage of the revenue. The initial subscription rate for Kindle users is $1.99/month. Most blogs in my categories are $0.99/month. I’m not sure why my blog is priced higher but I’m not complaining – yet.  I have no idea whether this will generate any subscriptions but other bloggers have reported some success. Of course, subscribers here by RSS feed and email will continue to read for free.

You can do me a big favor by visiting the Amazon subscription page for my blog and giving it a positive review and/or hitting the “Like” button. Maybe that will attract subscribers and put a little snack money in my pocket!

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