The Future of Estate Tax Rates and Exemptions

estate_taxThe time for change in federal estate tax laws is rapidly approaching. The size of the estate tax exemption may be a hot topic of discussion in Congress. This is an issue of importance to baby boomers who may be dealing with the estates of older relatives or updating an estate plan of their own. (You do have an estate plan don’t you?) [Read more…]

A Simple Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

All baby boomers need to have what I call health care crisis documents and “end of life” documents in place, to protect themselves and their families.  These documents include a will, a health care advance directive, and a durable power of attorney for health care.  I want to talk first about the health care power of attorney. [Read more…]

Update Beneficiary Designations in Retirement Plan Documents

Many members of the baby boomer generation are experiencing significant and perhaps abrupt transitions in their family status.  Their children have left home to lead independent lives.  Spouses have retired or perhaps even moved on to become ex-spouses.  Changes in boomer families can create a need for changes in your retirement plan documents.  
[Read more…]