Building a Family Legacy at the Lake

One definition of “legacy” is “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.” As baby boomers age, we think about our personal legacy, don’t we? I’m not referring to passing money or property to our kids. I’m talking about the intangibles, i.e., how will we be remembered when we are gone?

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The Low Stress Vacation Home

The New York Times recently published an article that attempts to explore the harsh realities of owning a vacation home. I agree with many of the author’s views. I wanted to comment further because we are now experienced owners of a pre-retirement vacation home. If you have considered purchasing property to use for vacation or weekend living, perhaps you might learn something helpful from this post and/or from the article. [Read more…]

Lake House Design Considerations

lake_house_designBuying or building a lake house for full or part-time living presents unique home design considerations.  Sometimes you do not realize what those design differences are until after the fact. My wife and I are at our lake house this weekend. As we spend more time here by ourselves, we contemplate the years ahead as we age. Our hope and plan is that this lake house will be a part-time home in retirement. We also want our family members to be able to enjoy using it as a vacation home. Thus, we have been thinking about its present design and how we might improve it for the long term. These are some of the design considerations that we have discussed. [Read more…]

Using a Vacation Home for a Vacation

vacation_homeA new word added to our recession vocabulary is “staycation” which translates to “taking a vacation at home.” The word may be new but the concept isn’t. Vacation home owners have been taking staycations for years. Isn’t that the purposes of owning a second home? There is nothing disappointing or less fun about a vacation home staycation if done right. [Read more…]

Lake House Spring Maintenance

lake_house_maintenanceSome of you who are interested in a lake house for a vacation home or for retirement might be wondering what it’s like to maintain a home on a lake. As nice as it is to live on the water, there are maintenance and upkeep issues that must be considered. I have been looking at some of these the past two weekends so I thought I would share them with readers. [Read more…]

Lake Property Vacation Homes in Kentucky

When it comes to owning lake front property for retirement or as a vacation home, Kentucky is a hidden gem.  I say this based on our personal experience.  We have owned our lake house in Kentucky for six years and are very happy with the decision that we made.  I thought I would write a little more about it, thinking that it might help other baby boomers who are considering buying a lakefront home. [Read more…]